Friday, December 31, 2010


So when Sadie was 9 weeks old she started her first obedience class.  We thoroughly enjoyed our evenings at TNT Kennels.  We learned a lot and Sadie is definitely master sitting, down, around, stand, and some hand targeting.  On the last class we did musical chair type game with all the dogs, playing music and the last one to sit was out, with the winner being the final sitter.  Sadie won!  She also won the same game, but this time we were practising "down" instead of sit.   Anyway, the one thing she needs a lot of practise with was "WAIT".  The way we have been practising this is with treats.  I tell her to sit, or down and then put the treat a few feet away and tell her to wait.  She is not allowed to grab the treat until I say "okay!".  Wait has been a hard one for a super impatient, full of beans puppy like Sadie, but today our practises went off without a hitch.  Some photographic proof!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Picture Stealing

So today after I posted this morning's blog, with pictures of Sadie yesterday in the snow I decided to google "Sadie Golden Retriever" to see if this blog popped up.  It didn't; but this did:

I clicked the link mainly because I thought it was going to pictures of another adorable GR Sadie, but much to my surprise it was my photos of MY Sadie either stolen from here or from my flickr account.  What was worse, the person who posted claiming Sadie as their dog, goes on about how they found her at shelter.  Deceptive and misleading.  And obviously made up to ellict sympathy for someone desperate for it.

When I created this blog I never really thought anyone would read it;  It was purely personal, just for myself to record little stories of Sadie, and to be able to go back and look next September and see how much she's changed since I brought that adorable ball of fuzz home.

So officially on the record:  Sadie is a Redgold dog.  She was born on August 11, 2010.  She is purebred, and CKC registered.  When I was 19 I lost the world's best dog, Madison, a golden retriever that stole my heart from the first time we met.  She was the BEST.  I knew one day I would own another Golden, no matter how long it took.  Finally, 14 years later the world's most adorable puppy, Sadie entered my life.  I waited a long time for another chance at the world's best dog.  She has been nothing but fun.  Everytime she comes and cuddles with me my heart swells with the love and joy she has already brought and the thought of all that is to come.

The pictures here are copyrighted to me, Desiree.  I took every single one of them with my beloved Nikon D90.  I love to take photos of landscapes and scenery and especially love to take photos of Sadie.  No one may use/post/print/do anything with them without my permission.

I have emailed both the as well as the person posting my photos as their own and requested their removal from the website.  Hopefully this happens soon.

If you are visiting this blog, please enjoy my stories and photos.  I hope that you have or will have your own lovely four legged friend.  Please look, but hands off.

The only saving grace in all of this is of course, Sadie.  The Sadie who went out today to the park with me and my husband, and the Sadie now who is lying on her dog bed chewing a bully stick.  The Sadie that will always be mine.

Thank you,


Snow Day!

I woke up yesterday and looked out the window as totally surprised by an onslaught of white!  So after shovelling the driveway we ventured forth, hitting up Heritage Park in the hopes that not too many people would be there and Sadie would get to romp in some seriously beautiful fresh snow.  I hate the chaos that the snow causes into my life, but I sure do like how pretty it looks, just after it's fallen!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas day filled with many fun Sadie moments.  She has truly been the best present anyone could have ever given me.  She has been the dog of my heart for years and I'm so glad that she's finally in my life.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sadie, Lately

Here's a few of Sadie in the last few weeks.  She got spayed two weeks ago, so we've been housebound with stitches.  Thankfully they came out on the weekend, so we are out and about again!