Sunday, February 13, 2011

A long awaited walk!

So today we went for a walk.  No big deal right?  Well normally it's not, but it's the first time i've been out of the house since Wednesday when I had surgery.  Not a big, crazy surgery.  Just a must needed minor one.  I don't react well to the general anthestic so I spent the last few days feeling wiped out and useless at home.  I promised myself I would get out of the house on Sunday morning to take Sadie for a walk.  Here are a few pictures (mostly full of fail!) of our walk!

 There are buds on some of the trees!!  Spring is coming at last.  I get so depressed at the end of winter.  All I want are flowers and green.
 Sadie at the head of the trail, waiting for us to catch up.  She always roams ahead and then stops to make sure we are catching up.
 Curly tongue captured!
 Sitting, but squirming for the camera!

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